Media coverage analysis – How good was the Nintendo Switch announcement?

A look into the Nintendo Switch announcement media coverage.

Media coverage analysis: PlayStation VR’s launch dominates Oculus and Vive

With the last tethered VR HMD planned for this year released, we look at the media coverage of their launches.

Video Games in the Media Landscape – 2 New Reports Available Now

We have two new reports available, one on the video games media landscape in the West, and another on VR in games media.

Unabridged Comments – What we can learn from Fable Fortune’s Kickstarter [MCV]

This Unabridged Comments comes from the MCV article digging into the challenges of F2P games with crowdfunding in general and Fable Fortune misfortunes in particular.

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A Comments Unabridged from the Gamasutra piece on Digital Card Games.

Pokémon Go media coverage is truly insane – analysis

Currently there is no way to miss Pokemon Go. In its short lifetime, the game is breaking records left and right like being the biggest mobile game in the US ever or attracting more users than services like Twitter or Tinder.

E3 2016 Media Coverage Analysis – aka “Who won the E3 media battle?”

E3 is now over, the weekend has passed, the attendees have flown back to their homes, and it is time for me to go over the media coverage of the events, as is now traditional.

The clash of Titans – Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 reveals media coverage

A look at the performance of the reveals of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1