ICO is looking for a Sales & Marketing manager to join our multinational team. We’re based in the vibrant city of Brighton, UK, and looking for someone who can join us to manage the day-to-day of our media monitoring tool Footprints as well as several other smaller sales channels. The role can be done remotely or in person from Brighton, as preferred. This is a part-time role and we’re a four-day-week company working Monday to Thursday, making this role ideal from someone who’s coming back into the job market after a pause or needs flexibility. 

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The recent release of the UKIEpedia initiative in the UK made me realise that I haven’t shared data specific to the country in quite some time. This a very good opportunity to do so, using the same dataset that we collected for the yearly state of the game for Kickstarter. Read more

A year has passed and it is time again to look at how the Kickstarter landscape for games has evolved over the past 12 months. Read more

Following up from yesterday’s blog post, you can find here the status for tabletop games on Kickstarter for the first half of 2019. Read more

As is now the ritual, I have done a deep dive into the Kickstarter data we gather and put together some notes for you to look at how well video games are doing for the first half of 2019. Read more

The dust has settled on E3 2019, and it’s time for me to grab my Excel and run the coverage numbers from this year’s show. Read more