The recent release of the UKIEpedia initiative in the UK made me realise that I haven’t shared data specific to the country in quite some time. This a very good opportunity to do so, using the same dataset that we collected for the yearly state of the game for Kickstarter.

Money pledged and money raised

With close to $3m raised by successful campaigns in 2019, last year was a strong year for Kickstarter in the UK.

Video games projects

Like on the overall number seen in the 2019 blog post, the number of projects launched on Kickstarter for video games are in constant decline while the number of projects that managed to get funded is relatively stable.

This leads to the ratio of UK campaigns getting funded to rise to 26% in 2019.

Campaigns profile

When looking at the UK campaigns by tiers, it becomes very apparent that most of the money raised in 2019 was through the very successful Subverse campaign, with no other campaign raising more than $100,000 last year. And while it skews the results, the low volume of UK projects means that it was also true in the previous years where a single project was more than half of the money raised.


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