That’s Farewell in German. Exactly a year ago, Martin joined ICO Partners as the first non-partner employee. It was a big step for us and quite a big risk for him. I remember telling him that there was a chance that the growth we were predicting would not happen and that it wasn’t a “safe” […]

Paris Web Game Conference 2011

Last week, I attended the Paris web Game Conference 2011 organized by the French national videogames developer trade body, SNJV, and the digital university IIM. The program was mainly composed of panel discussions with the leaders of French web/social/mobile games developers : Boostr, Kobojo, Bulkypix, Prizee, Weka, Feerik, Owlient…   I won’t have time for […]

European mobile and tablet market

As the recent game announcements have been multiplying, Mobile is the new frontier for online games and MMOs. The technical constraints have been mostly overcome, and the apparition of a hardcore audience playing mostly from home has made the main problem (good enough ping) less painful. The possibility of free apps with in-app purchases have […]

Nordic Game 2011

Next week, Julien and I will be attending the Nordic Game conference in Malmö. We will be there from the Tuesday to the Thursday, listening to the lectures, meeting with existing and future partners, but we should still have a fair amount of time if you want to come and have a chat with us. […]

Game as a Service in action: Rift and League of Legends

As a follow-up from my previous blog post, intentionally quite theoretical, I thought I would give two very specific examples of what I consider good development to push the service side of a game. While a lot can be done to improve the quality of the service of a game, I really believe that it […]

Defining ‘Game as a Service’

I am a regular speaker at game related events, and there are a lot of topics I am very keen to weigh in on. Last year, I decided to tackle the notion of Game as a Service. It is difficult to convey how important this topic is for me and how much I feel we […]

The price of commitment

  The recently launched RIFT, a big-budget subscription MMO, has been offering a very deep discount for 3- and 6-months subscriptions set up early (the Founder pricing, normally valid for the first 2 weeks after release, which has been extended to the end of March). Discounts for longer subscriptions are the norm in the industry, […]

Lessons learned from Pocket Legends: Don’t forget the hardcores in your casual game

A couple of weeks ago at GDC 2011 in San Francisco Cinco Barnes from Spacetime Studios talked about their experience with Pocket Legends on iOS and Android devices (the complete summary of the session is here) . As you might know, it is working out quite well for them, not just on iOS, especially expanding […]

Online Games Trends for 2011

The predictions exercise, as we did last year and the year before, is becoming a bit more difficult as it seems we’re bound to repeat ourselves in some ways.  The evolutions of the market are rarely totally surprising, and most of the major trends have been cooking for the past few years. This time, we really feel […]

Games as a Service: The Water Cooler Analogy

    For the past years, our very own Thomas has been going around the world, preaching about Games as a Service, the whole idea that focusing on all aspects of a game that are not core gameplay not only can drastically increase all key performance indicator in an online game, but also prove very profitable. Now, […]

A brand new year

Arguably, we are well into January already, but the rule says it is still fine to send new year wishes until the end of the month.   ICO had a very good year in 2010. We grew our team, adding Martin and then Julien to our talent pool. We took on new clients, strengthened some […]

Where to find us in November

This month, we’re going our separate ways on the 15th of November. Absence makes the heart… well, totally dependent on internet access really, right? 🙂 Julien and I are attending Game Connection from 16-18 November in Lyon, and Julien will be arriving a bit early to present a Master Class session on Monday 15th, covering “Communication […]