On this blog we mostly talk about topics from the video consulting part of ICO Partners, but we also have a excellent Public Relations team working on a wide range of clients and titles (from big players like SMITE or Endless Legend to indie titles like Evoland and Road Not Taken).

This January I did a talk at the Central European Games Conference in Vienna about how small indie studios with tight budgets and little PR expertise can do PR on their own. Today we put the presentation from the talk on SlideShare and you can find it at the end of this post.


While I would still recommend working with PR professionals on your game (after all it is a waste working for years on a good game and having nobody talking about it because of insufficient PR efforts) I know in reality money doesn’t grow on trees. In short, hiring outside PR help is not always an option – especially for small teams. Therefore, the presentation covers a list of PR basics, backed up by recommendations for tools you should consider using to increase the chances of getting yourself heard in a tough and crowded market environment.

For further information or if you want find how we could help you on your game get in touch with us.

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