Following up on Thomas R. post this week on PR for indies, I wanted to share the presentation I gave this year at GDC during the Free-to-Play Summit. The lectured was framed as PR for F2P games in Europe, but at the end, it was more a “PR for F2P games” in general, with a side of European specific comments in it.

As always, the slides would be better in context of the talk, but there are probably informations that are relevant without the context. Once the video is up on the GDC Vault, I will probably notify it here.

Last disclaimer before the slides: I was very much a sock puppet during that lecture. The day-to-day PR work is very much done by my team, so I ended up repeating a lot of what they told me… That’s not me covering my ass, that’s me telling you all that they are the clever knowledgeable bunch, not me.


About a year ago we released our in-depth market report on MOBA games in Europe. As we are working on new projects at the moment (if you are really curious, feel free to catch us during GDC and ask in person), we want to give the opportunity for a larger audience to access some of our previous work, so we are experimenting on this front through a time-limited sale on that report.

Until the 6th of March, the MOBA games in Europe report is available at an 85% discount, from £2,200 to £300. Just go to our Gumroad page and enter the discount code wintersale2015. Read more

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