Over the past few years, we have been trying many different ways to support the growing number of independent studios, especially when it comes to gaining visibility for their video games. The realities of a PR agency like ICO Media mean that we charge for the service. While this is often outside of what the studios can afford, that doesn’t mean we are not trying to find ways around it.

For instance Thomas (the-other-Thomas) is contributing regularly to events like the GDC (you can watch a free talk on the 5 Pillars and Pitfalls on indie games PR here), the Central Europe Game Conference (a free talk on PR basics for indies can be found here), or most recently, Digital Taipei (yes, there are independent studios in Taiwan), are part of that.

And as we look on how we can help further, the team has devised a one-day workshop specifically geared towards independent studios who can’t afford to pay an agency. The idea is very much to explain in great detail how to outreach media and influencers, but also to give the opportunity for the studios to show their texts, assets, and PR plans to PR professionals, get their feedback, and improve their strategy with concrete advice they can apply to their project.


The very first edition of this workshop will take place on the 14th of October, around the corner from us in Brighton, UK. You can find more details and the workshop content on the page of the event.



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