Since last June and my blog post on Kickstarter, I haven’t really moved on. I am still quite obsessed with it and its evolution.

I have run the same numbers (same methodology) as last time and made a short presentation under the same format to see where it was going. You can find it below:

So the main take away for me, is that the Median (and bear in mind my sample excludes project below $10,000) is really growing, at $29k now, making it quite interesting for studios of the right size (or with the right size of projects rather). The very large projects have slowed down, probably due to the summer. Overall though, there is still way more money injected into the game industry via Kickstarter now than ever before. And I think that’s good.
Last time, I hadn’t the time to run the Appsblogger data and integrate them in my slides. Rather than mix them with the set of slides this time around, I thought I would make a deck just for those numbers, especially as they are aging rapidly (as a reminder, these are the data of all Kickstarter projects, regardless of their success or failure, across all categories):

Hopefully, you will find interesting informations in there. Finally, I wanted to point out 2 blog articles from Kickstarter themselves:


There. I can consider my current Kickstarter itch scratched. It might come back, in which case I will likely share more than just data and data analysis.

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