We are very pleased to announce today that our submission for this year Worlds in Motion Summit that will take place in San Francisco the same week as the GDC has been accepted.

Here is the description (from the official website):

(306) Online Games: Europe Challenges
Speaker: Thomas Bidaux (CEO, ICO Partners)
Date/Time: TBD
Experience Level: All
Track: Worlds in Motion Summit
Format: 20-60 minute Lecture

Session Description
With the rise of the Asian markets in the online gaming industry, Europe has been given less attention recently. Many developers and publishers see it as a sub-set of the general western market. However, Europe currently represents a strongly under estimated space. Last few years though have proven that Europe represents a huge market when properly handled : World of Warcraft western audience is 50% based in Europe and the Guild Wars franchise sold more there than in the US thanks to their strong focused European strategy. Domestic games have found success often with a different approach compared to American or Asian games : EVE, Dofus, Runescape, Gameforge, Bigpoint. The lecture will focus on two aspects: 1. An introduction to specifics and main actors in the European market. 2. How to build your strategy to tap your game’s potential in Europe.

This is obviously quite exciting for us and we are very happy that the Board actually showed interest in the topic. Europe is not always the best served territory for Online games and actually giving the green light to such a lecture is sending the right message. Now, the trick will be to find a way to cram as much information as possible into the session duration. Quite the challenge.

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