Building Media Relationships in Europe


Our original approach to communications and expertise in self-publishing services

makes us a very focused and specific partner for your game in Europe.



Thanks to our  multilingual team we are able to promote your game across 30 countries and 20 languages in Europe.
We understand market specificities and cultural differences across this incredibly diverse region.



Our extensive experience in the online games market gives us a deep understanding of the dynamics of multiplayer games-as-service, and their related communication challenges.
We are used to timing issues, community expectations and ongoing communication.



We track our own and our competitor’s performance across different media and provide you with reports on a monthly basis.
The data is tracked thanks to our in-house developed tools.

We discuss the topics that were most mentioned, the number of articles generated in each countries along recommendations for the upcoming actions.
For some insights into our reporting tools you can also check out our blog posts about PR intelligence.



Beyond the usual services expected from an agency, we also work very specifically towards specialised press and niche media outlets.

We constantly research new channels that are relevant to the specific projects of our clients to give the best chance for the messages to reach their intended audience. We tailor all our communications based on their objective and using different formats to maximize their efficiency over time.


We assist you in your influencer marketing efforts. From discovering the best content creators for your game to booking opportunities and distributing game keys to them. Our extensive list of contacts and influencer databases lets us connect with content creator across the whole of Europe.

ICO Partners – Pan European PR agency

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