I will be talking at 2 events in the near future, in both occasions, it will be about crowd funding and Kickstarter. While this probably comprises less than 2% of my time, I think  it makes feel event organizers that much more comfortable in inviting me talk about the topic.

I am not selling anything to the audience and I have no agenda when I come as a speaker. It makes me scratch the itch, so we are all winning in the end.

So, what’s cooking?

Music Futures – Crowdfunding

28th of February, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Yes. This is this week and this is not about videogames. However, the organiser invited me to share about the experience of running a successful Kickstarter project with Strike Suit Zero. I took the opportunity to have a look at how well the music projects are performing on Kickstarter and I will put the results on Slideshare as usual. The whole event is free, structure as a panel and we should have ample time to cover the topic as we won’t be confined on a one-hour format, which is a very good thing IMHO.


GDC Indie Game Summit – Crowdfunding for Indies: Real Numbers and Trends

25th of March, San Francisco

This is a short session (using the 25-min “TED Talk” format), so I won’t have the ability to go on and on about the topic. I will very likely stick to the numbers, and what they mean. Or more likely, what they used to mean 6 months ago and what they mean now. It will be less about sharing about the Strike Suit Zero specific, but you are very welcomed to catch me at the event and ask me directly.


And as a teaser for the upcoming data from the Newcastle event, I want to share the following, specifically about how well Kickstarter is performing in UK (or in GBP to be precise and as explained on the post about the topic). As I said, I have been looking at music projects recently. Added to the mix as well, I have started tracking Tabletop Games, both for my personal education and for a couple of projects I discussed with friendly companies.


Arguably, this data is very anecdotal  but it is interesting to see how video games projects are performing in GBP comparatively to the other genres. Even if you ignore Godus and Elite, which both raised a large amount of money and had a fairly large impact on the data, the performance of video games in GBP is very good compared to Music and Tabletop. There are still very few projects that get financed, compared to USD projects. We are looking at almost a 10 to 1 ratio, but that still better than Music or Tabletop projects.

I believe that the Music industry has more viable alternatives for crowd funding and the fact it is steadily growing since the GBP launch is an excellent sign for the platform.

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