Last month in Munich I spoke about social games, common myths about them and the relative truth for each of them. While we have been working on social games projects for a while, we aren’t as familiar with this part of the industry as we are with the MMO space, for instance. Researching for this lecture was a lot of fun and a learning experience.


Because of the evolving nature of the social games, we are still at the very beginning of the story, and I expect the presentation to get outdated very quickly.


I had the opportunity to talk to people working at the biggest social games development studios during the process, and a lot of the content here comes from those discussions (which were full of hopes as well as frustrations). Here it is for you to read:


Busting 10 social games myths





View more presentations from ICO Partners.



Which myth have I missed? What did you believe about social games that wasn’t true in the end?


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