What you get

  • Full review of your crowdfunding campaign from analyst Thomas Bidaux (quoted by outlets such as Gamesindustry and PC Gamer)
  • Analysis includes feedback on crowdfunding campaign, video, text, communication plan, rewards
  • Comprehensive feedback over Skype
  • Price: £350 per review

Some of projects that have benefited from our help

How it works

We know many projects creators don’t have many resources and we have worked on a formula to make it affordable for anyone to get support from us while making it worth our while.

We now provide campaign review. Provide us with everything that is pertinent to your campaign, your video, the text of your page, your communication plan, your rewards, and we will spend a couple of hours putting together a comprehensive feedback on all the elements that can we discuss over Skype to make sure you have all the tools in your hand to make the most of it.

Most projects found that a single review was what they really needed to sanity check their process, but we have in the past done multiple reviews on ambitious or complex campaigns. And we are also always happy to discuss a more in-depth consulting mission with you.

First Advice: Thomas’ GDC talk

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