ICO Partners was founded in May 2008, and is currently based in Brighton, UK. We are a small, highly specialized team from all across Europe.


ICO Partners offers consulting and market intelligence services for online games in Europe, with over years 15 of expertise in this industry segment.

ICO Media is the public relations branch of ICO Partners and specialized on pan European PR for online games across 12 countries.

ICO Partners

Thomas Bidaux

CEO, Co-Founder

Thomas started working on online games in 1999 and has never stopped since then, getting involved into in projects both grand and small. Always with an eye on the upcoming changes to the market, he ensures the company operates smoothly while lending his extensive expertise to our clients.

Diane Lagrange

Director & Co-Founder

Diane started her career at Ubisoft in France in Marketing, before being hired by NCsoft Europe as Business Development Manager, managing 3rd party product evaluation and market research. In 2008, she joined Thomas in founding ICO Partners, where she specializes in market intelligence, marketing and monetization topics.

ICO Media

Stephan Meijerhof

Stephan Meijerhof

Senior PR Manager

Obtaining his journalism degree in the Netherlands, Stephan worked for various media as a freelance journalist specializing in technology, foreign news and games. In 2010 he moved to Spain to work for Electronic Arts. At the publisher he was part of the successful Game Evaluation team, providing media analysis and in-depth reporting on all titles. Having recently relocated to Brighton to join ICO, he is responsible for the Spanish and Dutch territories.

Anne-Julie Pachurka

Anne-Julie Pachurka

French PR Manager

With a life-long passion for videogames, Anne-Julie began her career in the industry in 2009, holding communication roles for a number of French companies in the sector, gaining experience in a variety of genres such as MMORPGs and mobile games. She moved to the UK in 2012, joining ICO‘s PR team. Anne-Julie is ICO’s main contact for French media.

Nora Reulecke

Nora Reulecke

German PR Manager

Nora Reulecke graduated from Paderborn University (Germany) with a Media Science degree and has worked in PR ever since. She moved to England in 2010 where she freelanced as a website copywriter before she joined ICO Partners. For ICO, she works with European editors from across the continent, sometimes getting lucky enough to travel to where they are.