Looking to open an office in Europe?

  Over the past couple of years, we have worked with many clients on projects to open a local office in Europe. They all had different objectives, budgets and priorities but with time, we were able to discern some patterns. Much of the information we collected for them and, in some cases, the recommendations we […]

Julien’s leaving us, and we’re sad.

I really don’t want to write this post, because putting it down in writing will make it true, and I would very much like it not to be. We can’t avoid it any longer though, so here goes.

Realtime Worlds employees – where are they now?

Back in June, during the Gamesindustry.biz Brighton meet up, we discussed studio closures, what they meant to the industry in general and the UK industry specifically. I mentioned that it could actually be pretty easy to do a check of former employees’ profiles on LinkedIn to see what happened to them: how many left the games […]

Events – end of 2011

Between now and the end of the year, we will be attending a number of events across the globe where you can meet with us. And starting as early as this week.   27th of September, Frankfurt – Gameplaces Diane will be speaking there, specifically on games and investments.   10th to 13th of October, Austin […]

ICO is hiring – encore!

As we add more clients, it is now time to develop our team, and so we are back on the hiring track – and this time we are looking for another Frenchman or -woman (French speakers from Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, North Africa… are also very welcome of course) to work with us on the PR […]

Open Position : German PR Executive

Come work with us ! ICO is looking for an experienced German native to join its media relations team providing PR services and consulting on some of the best online games in Europe. The position is based in Brighton, UK, and all other information is below. If you’re interested, send your CV to jobs@icopartners.com ! […]

At gamescom this week

Time has zoomed past so quickly in the run-up to gamescom this year that we only just remembered to mention that we’re going. But hey, you already knew we’d be there!   Our booth is in Hall 4.2, Aisle G, No. 041. If you’re around, come on by. It’s quite likely you’ll find Thomas there, […]

IGDA Summit sessions – Fraud and Kickstarter

Last week in Seattle, the IGDA put together its first Summits. The event was organised parallel to (and in partnership with) Casual Connect. I was drafted to help put together the content for the Monetisation summit, and sat in a few sessions that were particularly interesting to me (one perk of having a say on […]

Differences in online games publishing between Asia and Europe

As Asian online games publishers expand in the West, more and more of them are opening European offices and starting operating games for the European market. This approach is in our opinion much more rewarding long-term than just licensing the games to a local publisher, but it also has it pitfalls due to the differences […]

Nintendo and Sony’s state of denial

A couple of weeks ago, following the E3 trade show in Los Angeles, Kogi Tagushi, Senior Executive Officer at Square-Enix, declared he was “humiliated by the decline of Japanese titles”. Now, Mr Tagushi was mainly talking about the poor representation of Japan at the show in terms of new games and IPs, however the decline […]

Do we still need E3?

Let me start with the following statement: E3 has been one of the best events for ICO this year. I had excellent meetings there and I was very happy with the outcome for us. But, Iultimately believe it was an anomaly.   This was my first E3 since 2006, the last “big year” for the […]

Takeaway from the Nordic Game Conference

A few weeks ago, Thomas and I attended the Nordic Game Conference in Malmö, Sweden. Although most of our time was spent meeting with representatives of the very impressive Scandinavian game development industry, we had a chance to see some of the talks, and came back with a few thoughts on current trends in the […]